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Introduction with Bob Wolfman

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Private Guitar Student
Andrew Boyd

Private Guitar Student
Rob Pendrake

SKYPE Guitar Student
Marsha Danzig


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Introduction with Bob Wolfman

Private Guitar Student
Andrew Boyd

Private Guitar Student
Rob Pendrake

SKYPEGuitar Student
Marsha Danzig

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Private Guitar Lessons

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Located in Middleton, MA 01949

You’ll receive personalized guitar lessons through one-on-one instruction, coaching, and guidance.  Limited spots are available, so call now to get started on your way to expressing yourself through music.

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Web Cam Guitar Lessons


Some of our most successful students have been web-cam students.  You can receive personalized one on one coaching without ever having to leave your home!  From beginner to advanced guitarists we can help you learn and understand so much and really improve your playing skills.

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Online Guitar Courses

blog-pict-300x168For the price of your average private guitar lesson you can sign up for our beginners online course and get ten full lessons! Lessons range from music theory to learning your choice of songs. Both acoustic and electric players welcome!

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Guitar Lessons

That Suit Your Needs

    Beginner-to-Advanced lessons that get YOU playing the Music You Love Now!


  • Learn At Your Own Pace
    Whether its in-person or online, you're never rushed to pick up new styles or techniques. Alternatively, you're also more than welcome to learn at a fast-paced style. Bob Wolfman will always accomodate his students' learning styles.
  • Professional Teacher
    With over 27 years of teaching experience and over 40 years of playing and performing on guitar, Bob Wolfman is the best possible source for turning you into the guitar player you've always wanted to become.
  • Affordable
    Whether you choose online courses, Skype Lessons, or in-person lessons, you can rest assured that you're paying an outstanding price for the quality of instruction you'll be receiving.

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Top-Notch Learning

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  • Community
Learn styles & techniques such as :
  • Music Foundation


  • Scales


  • Reading Tabs


  • Reading Music


  • Strumming


  • Modes


  • Fingerstyle


  • Jazz


  • Blues


  • Heavy Metal


  • Classical


  • Rockabilly/Country


  • Folk


  • Music Gear


  • And More!...


At Wolfman's School of Music we are eager to help you learn! Part of your learning experience means becoming part of our community where you can share knowledge and partake in conversations amongst other members in the forums.

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