GO from BEGINNER to a REAL PLAYER in just 10 WEEKS






The guitar is an artists’ palette of sound and expression, which is why no single guitarist sounds exactly like another.  But it can be daunting to learn!


You’ve probably seen videos and advertisements for courses and methods to make playing guitar easy.  The truth is, no person and no method can instantly turn you into a great guitarist. No matter how many YouTube videos you watch or “magical breakthrough” methods or apps you’ve tried, playing the guitar well is about commitment and dedication. 


Throughout my 30+ years of teaching music, I’ve met and taught hundreds of students who had previously tried many guitar learning methods--books, videos, apps, DVDs, and online programs--but not one of them had actually learned how to PLAY.  You can pick up a few chord forms or a simple lick or two, but to play--REALLY PLAY--the guitar, you have to commit to a period of dedicated study and practice.  This is real work, and there are no shortcuts!  HOWEVER, there is an efficient, engaging and productive way to TRANSFORM yourself from beginner to real player!  


My comprehensive, highly-organized 10-week course will help you start your personal transformation process. Starting with little or no playing experience or knowledge, you can become a competent player who understands the essential basic musical concepts you actually apply to the guitar. 


In 10 weeks, you will

  • Develop proper playing techniques to establish your foundation for real mastery of the instrument

  • Learn to play a repertoire of songs that you can play on your own with confidence

  • Build and expand your chord vocabulary so you can play any song, in any key

  • Understand how songs are constructed so you can write your own, and better understand your favorites

  • Master the logic and geometry of the fretboard to initiate your complete understanding of the guitar and what you can actually do with the instrument

  • Eliminate unproductive habits you may have picked up from other methods 


This course provides exactly what you need to build a solid foundation to begin your musical journey, directly and without detours.  No one (not even me!) can transform you into a great guitarist overnight! But I do promise to equip you with the right tools and proper playing skills you need to build your foundation, in the shortest amount of time.  


How is this course different from others?

  1. I am a guitar player, having toured the world and recorded with some of the greatest musicians of the last 40+ years.  But I am a TEACHER FIRST.  Musical education is my PASSION.

  2. I have built the course having taught hundreds (if not thousands) of guitar students.  I have seen (and taught!) it all and I have distilled my teaching knowledge down to the most essential skills you need to GROW. 

  3. I make it clear from the beginning that you have to have practice and dedication.  No false promises, no magic and no overnight transformation!

  4. My course is fun, engaging and satisfying.  You’ll put in the hard work and YOU WILL SEE and HEAR THE RESULTS!!

  5. Everything in the course is REAL: exercises, theory, practices and all the other content: text, graphics, images, comprehensive and thorough videos with step by step explanation and demonstration of exactly what to do and how to do it.  I will be your guide, but the skills you develop will be YOURS.


Congratulations, you’re taking your first REAL steps towards your musical transformation! 







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