One Year Dedicated Access To Guitar Mastery with Bob Wolfman
Who is this for? 


- Whether you're a serious professional or a serious recreational player who prefers an intensive personal program, you just might want to consider enrolling in our APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM.  


What to expect? 


- This is an exclusive, premium learning program that covers all the bases, and/or focuses in on specific aspects of theory, technique, and improvisation. This is however a limited program and is not available to all.  "Many call, but few are chosen!"  A slight takeoff on the U.S. Marines motto, we only accept the most serious students for enrollment in the APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM. 















Exclusive Apprentice Benefits: 


As an apprentice, you not only get dedicated mentorship from Bob Wolfman, you are also entitled to an entire suite of perks and benefits: 


  • TUITION ~Tremendous Savings (Huge Price reduction for the year's tuition)

  • an extra month of lessons (Free of charge)

  • Free copies of all Bob Wolfman's published CD's and all learning  materials and programs online.

  • Lessons are usually 90 minutes or more in length.

  • Work in 3 month intensive blocks, as opposed to 4 week blocks.

  • FREE ADMISSION to all of Bob's concerts and performances.

  • 25% Discount for all Celebrity Guitar clinics

  • Available both LIVE in our Studio or ONLINE via SKYPE



  • YOU must be at least 13 years of age

  • YOU must be an enrolled student of Bob Wolfman's for at least 2 months.

  • YOU must have a sincere desire to learn and improve and passionate dedication.

TYLER SCHMITT - (ABOVE) plays "Autumn Leaves" (BELOW) "Stella by Starlight" 

for his SKYPE lesson with Bob Wolfman  ~  May 5, 2020

Tyler's in his 4th year of APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM 



 Tom Lauzier~ Wakefield, MA

" I first met Bob back in the late 80's in Arlington, at Wolfman's School of Music, and what first impressed me was how he was always at the school and took the time to get to know each student personally whether they studied with him or not. After taking private lessons, a recording workshop, and joining an ensemble, (of which Bob was a frequent participant and where I quickly found out what a monster guitarist he was), I started taking guitar lessons with him directly. I have to admit the first time he sat in with the ensemble it was intimidating but he always made us feel comfortable no matter what our skill level. That was a major factor in my decision to take lessons with him. He was genuine about wanting his students to become better players. Once I did start taking lessons with Bob I really learned the depth of his commitment to teaching. He wasn't just some musician with a degree supplementing his income by giving lessons, he was and is dedicated to teaching music. Back then he opened my eyes to what learning and playing music was all about which only served to fire my passion for playing."      


 Tyler Schmitt ~ Medford, MA


"I started private guitar lessons with Bob Wolfman a year and a half ago, with the hopes of getting past a rut I’d been stuck in for a few years.  I had reached a plateau and I wasn’t progressing much since I switched out of the music program at UMASS Lowell.  Within my first few lessons with Bob I was already progressing more than I had with ten years of prior instruction!

In my first three months of lessons with Bob, I was very impressed by his ability to simultaneously cater to my direct interests (music theory and improvisation) while exposing me to concepts I didn’t realize I needed to work on to get there (sight-reading, aural skills, chordal arrangements).  We quickly set up a lesson plan and goals geared towards getting me where I wanted to be.  I was so happy with the results that I eagerly enrolled into his year-long “Apprenticeship Program”.  This program allowed us to plan my curriculum and keep me on track (and I had a realistic practice schedule that I could stick with).  Last year, I progressed so much that I decided to start my second year in the program.  I’m really glad that I did!!

One of several things that separates Bob from a lot of other instructors is his focus on his students. He always sticks to his commitment to making me a better guitarist and musician, and he always gives me extra time. With his 30+ years of experience as a teacher, he knows how to personalize my lessons in a way that works for me. I highly recommend him for people just starting out on guitar, bass, etc., or for those like me who just need a kick start to get out of a rut.  I am reaching my goals to becoming an accomplished pro guitarist very quickly."

David Fraser -guitar student .jpg

 David Fraser ~ Lowell, MA


 " I've been in a constant struggle, trying to teach myself how to play guitar for the past 20 years.  Never really improved.  A friend gave me Bob Wolfman’s brochure at a local guitar store and I called Bob that same day to schedule lessons……Wow!  So glad I did!  I was so impressed cause I started learning so much so quickly, thus I enrolled in Bob’s Apprenticeship Program.  I’ve learned proper playing techniques, music theory, reading music, Blues guitar, chord progressions, songs, and solo improvisation, and more.  I’m learning so much, it’s amazing and fun!   Bob is very patient, kind and an absolute professional guitarist and instructor. I  highly recommend Bob to anyone wanting to learn…….Thanks Bob!"

Josh Nathan - TESTIMONIAL photo_.jpg

 Josh Nathan ~ Natick, MA


   "I've been studying with Bob for about a year now and have learned a ton. He pushes me to be the best player I can be. I've had many guitar teachers over the last 30 years but none of the skills ever stuck with me. Bob's teaching method and level of engagement are well beyond anything I've experienced before. He's got a great sense of humor and really cares about his students, adults or children. Most of all he wants us to ENJOY playing, not just to learn skills. I recommend that you contact Bob regardless of your playing style, experience, or skill level. He will help you become a better musician, not just a good guitarist."


Ignacio Fernandez ~

San Juan, Puerto Rico


"I've been an apprenticeship student for a couple months now. I felt my guitar playing had reached a plateau, and I was just playing pentatonic and power chords. I wanted to make my improvisation more interesting. After taking classes with Bob, I've learned to apply more scales and chords to my playing. Guitar playing has become more fun now that I've learned more theory and learned to apply it to my playing."