Play guitar now!! Learn how to really play well from a true master.......One of the most qualified guitar instructors you're likely to find anywhere.  Berklee graduate and student of the world's top names in the world of guitar; Larry Coryell, Steve Khan, Mick Goodrick, and others, Bob Wolfman brings more to music lessons than one might expect.  

*Learn properly at your own comfortable pace in a really nice, relaxing environment.

*Lesson plans are custom tailored to your goals and needs.

*Break bad habits

*You learn faster with much more fun and enjoyment because you understand all the material every      step of the way.


Performed/Recorded with:

*Larry Coryell

*Chick Corea

*Grover Washington Jr.

*John Payne

*Victor Bailey

*Kenwood Dennard

*Joe Beck

*Hiram Bullock

*Arlen Roth

*James Montgomery

Having played with so many major artists since he was only a teenager, Bob has a very well rounded and extensive musical background both as a performing/recoding artist and as a music educator.


Piano Lessons


As a music education major during his years at the Berklee College of Music, Bob Wolfman had intensive piano and keyboard training. This training involved daily drilling for technique and dexterity, as well as reading standard musical notation to develop performance proficiency in various genres of music. Since graduating in 1980, Bob has logged literally thousands of teaching hours with piano students of all levels, From absolute beginner students to extremely advanced classical pianists and jazz improvisers. Bob offers quite a unique, innovative and refreshing approach for teaching keyboard/piano. 


The results of the common garden variety piano lessons are as follows; Most piano students cannot properly read music....or read music at all! This is because they were trained to learn classical pieces or popular music by laboriously and tediously memorizing the music only 1 measure at a time. The next problem is that they never learned any music theory. Thus they do not understand the most basic concepts such as keys signatures, chord and chord construction theory, harmony, and even basic scales. Also, often their sense of time is very weak at best. It is vitally important that the student understands what they're doing, what they're playing, and what they're reading. This drastically increases their enjoyment level. My favorite analogy is comparing someone who can read and write to someone who cannot. Who do you think is going to enjoy reading Moby Dick more?


  • We offer in home lessons where one of our highly quality piano instructors travel to your home. (Limited availability)

  • Piano lessons with Bob Wolfman are only available at his studio or lessons online using Skype or a similar (see you/see me) telecommunication software.

  • Custom tailored lesson plans with an emphasis on fun by having students choose their repertoire 

  • A balanced and comprehensive lesson program. 

  • Engaging homework assignments. 

  • Significant improvement guaranteed after 4 lessons.   









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