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Become a Better Guitarist!!

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Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to musical terms?

A Short Guide to Musical Terms and Symbols 

Wolfman’s School of Music is proud to publish "A Short Guide to Musical Terms and Symbols".This is the definitive guide to help you fully understand all the vitally important terms and concepts that will make you a more well rounded and confident musician.  Misunderstood terms and symbols are two of the biggest stumbling blocks to learning, and it is our sincere wish that this guide will be a valuable resource in helping you accomplish your musical goals.


Winging it with your guitar? Why not get it right the first time?

Essential Basics for Guitar

Most beginning guitar players almost NEVER learn the most essential basics (this includes people who've been trying to learn for many years!!)  about proper playing techniques, knowing the notes on the fretboard, standard music notation/sight reading, all 5 patterns of the Pentatonic scale; to jam and improvise with the 12 keys of music and the Major scale, to understand how all scales are built.  These 5 lessons will give you the ESSENTIAL BASICS all guitarists NEED in order to evolve, and develop quickly to become an accomplished guitarist and musician........not just someone strumming a few chords, or a lick a two.

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