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Complete Guide to Jazz/Blues Comping

Discover the Time Tested Strategies & Next Level Skills That Will  Unlock Your Genius and Ignite Your Passion 


Calling all guitarists who want to up level their playing and skyrocket their confidence.

 Welcome to your "Essential Guide to Jazz Blues Comping"course.

Comping is a slang term for accompaniment and is such an important part of music.  Ironically, it is also a sorely neglected area for so many guitar players. Sure, everybody wants to play sexy guitar solos and thus players spend much time devoted to this aim in their practicing.

Chordal accompaniment or Comping is very sexy too though and competent comping guitarists will work regularly, cause after all, sexy soloists need and want good support behind them, right? Not to mention that a good accompanist will inevitably become a better soloist as well, because of the inherent relationship between chords and scales?  I created this course with one main thought in mind; for years my students complained that they wanted to be shown exact chord voicings in sequences that they could use for substitutions in progressions. They couldn't find many examples in books or on DVD's, etc.. They wanted to be shown step by step exactly which chord substitutions to play and when to play them. This course does exactly that.!! Almost all popular music in the Western world has it’s roots and derivation directly from the Blues, throughout the 20th century to the present day. There is such a wide variety of rich sounding music that evolved from the simple I - IV - V chord progression.


Your potential is calling you. This detailed course will elevate your skills and bring out your highest potential.

So many guitar players have been able to learn a few chords and play very basic blues songs which didn’t require much technical knowledge or chops.  Of course, when Hendrix and Clapton came on the scene it was off to the races, and guitar playing fools the world over wanted to play with blazing speed and ferocious technique, but what about the chords?  Yes, Comping!!! With so much value of it’s own, strong chordal accompaniment can be absolutely gorgeous and such a huge emotional release and outlet.  You can really create totally different moods, emotions, and colors with chords.  

This course covers everybody from T-Bone Walker, B.B. King and Muddy Waters all the way to Grant Green, Kenny Burrell, Joe Pass, and George Benson.  You will cover many styles and techniques using the many tools provided in this workshop.??The Jazz Blues style is a very hip and sophisticated style lending itself to endless possible variation. Some of the chord forms are a little challenging, but not anywhere near impossible and they’re really worth the time and effort to work into your playing vocabulary.

There isn’t a lot of theory in the course, only what’s really necessary to understand the material presented.  The focus of this course is a much more organic approach through watching, listening, and playing. Any student of guitar who seriously wants to improve their comping will greatly benefit from the concepts, techniques and insight in this course.


In THIS COURSE, you’ll discover how far you can go.

Ready to get started? Grab your guitar and let’s power up our comping skills!

NOTE! This course is organized into 8 weekly sections for those students that prefer to have a specified regimen of material across a specified time schedule. However, for those students who prefer to work at their own pace, or even skip around you are certainly encouraged to approach the course in that way as well.