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Sheet Music and Guitar



Unlock Your Potential!

Discover the Time Tested Strategies and Skills

That Will Ignite Your Passion for Guitar.


                         ONLINE LESSONS     

      What you get with Web Cam Guitar Lessons


All students receive personalized online guitar lessons through one-on-one instruction, coaching and guidance.

All students will get a consultation to evaluate strengths and weaknesses, and to determine the appropriate starting point and the best learning materials/resources

specific to your needs and goals.

  • Online Guitar Lessons are Interactive and in Real time

  • Excellent video and audio quality

  • Lessons are custom tailored to individual student needs

  • Have the same high quality instruction that Bob Wolfman offers to his personal private students.

           What you need for Skype Guitar Lessons

  1. Skype must be installed for Skype Guitar Lessons, which is available for both Mac and PC users (Webcam can work on both platforms when properly configured).

  2. A high speed Internet Connection — broadband is best (DSL, FIOS, cable)

  3. A webcam, microphone and speakers. Many computers already have a built in webcam, microphones and speakers. If you need a webcam, it’s easy to get one! Try: 

  4. A guitar or bass guitar – acoustic or electric is fine.

In addition to any software needed for your web cam you will need one of the following programs.

Note: Skype works best, we recommend Skype but can work with all these webcam interactive systems:


                                   All Skill Levels

Regardless of if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level guitar player we can help you hone and develop your skills in a variety of different ways. 

                               A Variety of Styles

We teach all the major styles so you can learn to play guitar the way you want to play. 

You can purchase your Skype Guitar Lessons via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, they will accept your credit card. PayPal also provides currency conversion for you!


Be SURE and include all your personal information, including a valid e-mail when you purchase! We will contact you via e-mail (outside US) or by phone to set up your initial consultation and lesson times(s).


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