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 Introducing Wolfman’s "Groove Trax"
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Ask any experienced musician and they will tell you. The best way to improve your playing is to practice with better musicians, be it live or along with recordings. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to find others to jam with. Not anymore! Check out Wolfman’s "Groove Trax"

Wolfman’s "Groove Trax" help you improve your soloing skills by providing rhythm tracks for you to jam along with. They will help you focus on technique, melodic phrasing, speed, timing, accuracy, and ear training, guaranteed. They are not just for guitarists either! They are ideal for any instrumentalist who is just looking for a band to play along with!

Wolfman’s "Groove Trax" were recorded and produced by Bob Wolfman, founder and director of Wolfman’s School of Music. In producing Wolfman’s "Groove Trax", Bob has drawn on over 27 years experience as a guitarist, educator, performer, recording artist, producer, and engineer.

Many musicians have had great success with Wolfman’s "Groove Trax". Here’s what you get:

  1. 12 ten minute groove tracks. Two hours of instantly downloadable music.

  2. All twelve keys, each in a different style, tempo, and feel.

  3. Each groove track is a tight, professional arrangement performed by experienced studio pros in a state of the art studio.

  4. Real live drums, bass, rhythm guitar, piano, organ, and horns.


NO DRUM MACHINES!! The only thing missing is the lead instrument - YOU! 


Wolfman's "Groove Trax"

Just $19.95
Wolfman's "Groove Trax" includes: (Click on the tracks to hear a sample.)

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