eBook- Essential Basics for Guitar (5 Lessons, 60 pages.)


Lesson 1: Technique

Lesson 2: Fretboard Logic

Lesson 3: Standard Music Notation for the Guitar

Lesson 4: Minor Pentatonic Scale Theory

Lesson 5: Major Scale Theory


Most beginning guitar players almost NEVER learn the most essential basics (this includes people who've been trying to learn for many years!!)  about proper playing techniques, knowing the notes on the fretboard, standard music notation/sight reading, all 5 patterns of the Pentatonic scale; to jam and improvise with, and the 12 keys of music and the Major scale, to understand how all scales are built.  These 5 lessons will give you the ESSENTIAL BASICS all guitarists NEED in order to evolve, and develop quickly to become an accomplished guitarist and musician........not just someone strumming a few chords, or a lick a two.

eBook- Essential Basics for Guitar (5 Lessons)