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--- Tyler Schmitt, Woburn,MA  * Apprenticeship Program / Guitar student 

 "Bob Wolfman is the guitar instructor to guitar instructors!"  

  — Andrew Boyd  Concord, NH






" I've been in a constant struggle, trying to teach myself how to play guitar for the past 20 years.  Never really improved.  A friend gave me Bob Wolfman’s brochure at a local guitar store and I called Bob that same day to schedule lessons……Wow!  So glad I did!  I was so impressed cause I started learning so much so quickly, thus I enrolled in Bob’s Apprenticeship Program.  I’ve learned proper playing techniques, music theory, reading music, Blues guitar, chord progressions, songs, and solo improvisation, and more.  I’m learning so much, it’s amazing and fun!   Bob is very patient, kind and an absolute professional guitarist and instructor.   I highly recommend Bob to anyone wanting to learn…….Thanks Bob!"

David Fraser, Lowell,MA  * Apprenticeship Program / Guitar student 


"Bob Wolfman is a great teacher. Always upbeat, never dull, he keeps you focused and always learning. He allows you to be an individual, but still giving you the tools to become a great guitarist."
 — Jordan Haddad, Beverly, MA



Bob provides you with the skills to overcome the most common obstacles in playing the guitar 
Bob is a talented and gifted instructor. He gives you the tools to understand music theory in a creative and innovative way. He also provides you with the skills to overcome the most common obstacles in playing the guitar."

— Rebeca Rhimes Seattle, WA


When I met Bob I was stuck in the same loop I've trying to learn through YouTube videos and other sources.  From the first day of lessons with Bob is giving me a custom tailored Lesson plan with homework based on exactly what I need to work on.  We use resources like the Bill Leavitt book as well as Bob's own books that he authored for guitar and music theory.  My comprehension has improved vastly and my playing continues to improve on a regular basis.  Music is much easier to understand and apply now.  Bob is a great guy and a great teacher, and he puts a lot of thought and energy into his students’ success. I highly recommend him!  


Will Adisho - Jazz & Blues 

Salem, MA









"I was apprehensive about starting guitar lessons… Within weeks I was reading music, playing chords and melodies. 
I’ve been taking guitar lessons with bob for 10 months. I had no prior experience with playing a musical instrument or with reading music. As a middle-aged adult, I was apprehensive about starting lessons at this point in my life, but Bob assured me I could do it. Sure enough…I can. Within weeks I was reading music, playing chords and melodies. Bob tailors my lessons to my individual learning style. Bob is a phenomenal guitarist and a very experienced teacher who keeps me moving forward. I would recommend Bob to guitar students of any age. Thank you, Bob."

— Nora Clark, Ipswich, MA



"I first met Bob in the late 80's in Arlington at Wolfman's School of Music. I was first impressed  by how he was always at the school and took time to get to know each student personally whether they studied with him or not. After taking private lessons, a recording workshop, and joining an ensemble, (Bob was a frequent participant and where I quickly learned what a monster guitarist he was), I started taking guitar lessons with him directly. I admit the first time he sat in with us it was intimidating but he always made us feel comfortable no matter what our skill level. That was a major factor in my decision to take lessons with him. He was genuine about wanting his students to become better players. I started lessons with Bob and really learned the depth of his commitment to teaching. He was/is dedicated to teaching music which only served to fire my passion.  I recently had the opportunity to "pick it up again" (though I never really put it down partly because of what I learned at Wolfman's) the first person I looked up was Bob.  He's still dedicated to teaching even after all his accomplishments as a musician. After signing up again I learned that he honed his method of teaching. In a few short months he had me playing better than I ever have with a true understanding of not just where to put my fingers but the theory behind it. He tailors lessons for me personally, his lessons are prepared in advance, he always gives extra time, and presents me with challenges to help inspire me."








"After 4 years with another guitar instructor, I discovered Bob Wolfman. After one month I had learned more from Bob than I had in four years with my previous teacher! After a few months, Bob moved to a new distant location too far away for me to travel to. I was determined to continue taking lessons with him in spite of the distance. My relentless nagging prompted Bob to create a new way for him to offer his quality guitar lessons online over the internet. Now I am very happily able to continue receiving Bob’s expert instruction. My guitar playing has already begun to improve after only a couple of lessons. Bob’s delivery and presentation of the appropriate materials in the best sequence for me personally is really satisfying, fun and makes learning much easier. My progress and ultimate success are assured. I highly recommend Bob to anyone who is interested in learning to play or improve their guitar playing."
— Jason Heiter, Topsfield, MA



"Patient teacher!! My guy is taking lessons from Bob and this has given him something to be proud of. Bob has the patience to continue to motivate him to stick with his practicing and faith in himself to learn something new." 
 Arline Harris, No. Reading, MA



"Studying with Bob is certainly one of the best moves I’ve made in my life! I’m a self taught guitarist of nearly seven years, playing in my own rock band for three years. I had run into a brick wall! I just could not learn on my own anymore. I had the fear of learning to read music. Bob completely changed my attitude and my approach. I’ve learned more in six months than in my seven years of playing. Studying with Bob is certainly one of the best moves I’ve made in my life."
— Jim Whealan, Boston, MA


     "I had so many problems with music before I came to Bob … Now I am a better musician all around." 








                                                                       — Herb McDuffy, Philadelphia, PA



" As an advanced intermediate classical guitar player, I was reluctant to contact Bob Wolfman for lessons because his career has been devoted to jazz and blues guitar rather than classical. But he also teaches classical, and his website showed that he is one of the most experienced guitar teachers in the area, for all types of music. I gave it a try, and have been very pleased with the results. My objective in studying with Bob was to improve my “musicianship” and strengthen my technical ability, to move closer towards reaching performance standard.  From the outset, Bob challenged me to tackle difficult pieces (for me) with a metronome. In particular, I worked on Carulli’s Nocturne de Salon, Sor’s Variations on a Theme from Mozart, and Villa Lobos’ Prelude #1 in E minor. I had been avoiding a metronome for years because it’s so much easier to play with loose timing. After some  practice I now get through the difficult passages well. This exercise helped me greatly to improve my timing, tone quality and fingering accuracy in everything I play. I’m grateful to Bob for challenging me to move off my former plateau as a classical guitarist and providing technical and musical guidance on how to do so." 
— Bruce Bollnick, Topsfield,MA

    Classical Guitar Student



"I didn’t think I would ever learn to play guitar… Bob has taught me how to read music and even improvise…" 

— Larry Bornstein, Salem, MA




   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ I had studied with Bob in Boston and knew he was an excellent teacher, however, I didn’t think the ONLINE Skype format would work – boy was I wrong! My daughter and I are both taking Webcam Guitar Lessons with Bob over Skype and it’s pretty much the same as taking lessons in his studio. Only difference is with these online guitar lessons, there’s no time wasted driving to and from, waiting while my daughter has her lesson, etc., etc. I’d definitely recommend this approach to anyone who wants the quality instruction only Bob can offer, but doesn’t happen to live next door to him."
— Eric Stellwagen, Watertown,MA



"Mentoring our son has improved his music and overall attitude!" 







                                                                                                                   Corey Bishop - guitar student

Dear Bob, I want to take a moment to commend you on the great teaching skills and patience you have provided to my son. Though we have been with you for three months I knew within the first hour that your knowledge would be invaluble in achiving my 13 year olds dream of mastering the guitar. Now in the roughly 13 lessons he has had with you he is gaining a true understanding of the fundamentals of music, music theory and the ability to find the rhythm of even the most complex songs. It has been a pleasure to listen to him practice up in his room each day, and an honor to hear and watch the two of you play and laugh during each lesson. Your mentoring has not only improved his music 10 times, but it has also givin him the desire to improve his overall attitude at school and at home. I won't drag this on, but I thought it important to share with you how pleased my wife and I are with our decision to hire you as his instructor, I would be completely and utterly pleased to recommend you and your passionate teaching to anyone who is looking for true direction and instruction on the guitar. You have opened my son to a whole new world of differant music styles and apreciation for both the new and the old rock as well as clasical music, and with each new week I see him opening up even more in all aspects of his life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Phill and Carrie Bishop P.S can't say enough about your willingness to spend extra time on the weeks where he is having difficulty understanding a lesson, that to us speaks volumes about your dedication to each of your students." 
— Phil Bishop, Middleton, MA



"...I decided I needed some outside instruction, found Bob

kind of by accident, and I'm glad I did because he broke down

my entire playing style and rebuilt it from a solid foundation

based on music theory, and fundamental playing techniques,

and I'm a much better player today because of it. He taught

me the right way, he's a great guy, he's brilliant, and you will

learn a lot from him..." 

— Jeremiah Read, Ipswich,MA


"Bob is the best!  I have never had such a great instructor!"

— Luke Rush,  Andover, MA








"After only one summer break of weekly lessons, I can now confidently play and improvise on the guitar.  I always wanted to take lessons … I’d been trying to learn songs on my own.  Bob’s thorough incremental teaching method has already taken me past the basics of just reading music. I have grown comfortable enough with music theory that after only one summer break of weekly lessons, I will be able to confidently play and improvise on the guitar, a skill which often takes years of dedication to accomplish. Lessons with Bob Wolfman have been invaluable! The classes are a very small price to pay for a passion that I will stick with for the rest of my life."
— Hillary Barton, Boxford, MA


I started lessons with Bob Wolfman a year and a half ago, with hopes of getting past a guitar playing rut I’d been stuck in for  years. I reached a plateau, wasn’t progressing since I switched out of the music program at UMASS Lowell. Within my first few lessons with Bob I was already progressing more than I had with ten years of prior instruction! In my first three months of lessons with Bob, I was very impressed by his ability to cater to my interests (music theory & improvisation) while exposing me to concepts I needed to work on to get there (sight-reading, aural skills, chordal arrangements). We quickly set up a lesson plan and goals geared towards getting me where I wanted to be. I was so happy with the results that I eagerly enrolled into his year-long “Apprenticeship Program”. This program allowed us to plan my curriculum and keep me on track (with a realistic practice schedule that I could stick with). Last year, I progressed so much that I decided to start my second year in the program. I’m really glad that I did!! One of several things that separates Bob from a lot of other instructors is his focus on his students. He always sticks to his commitment to making me a better guitarist and musician, and he gives me extra time when he has it. Bob knows how to personalize my lessons in a way that works for me. I highly recommend him for people just starting out on guitar, bass, etc., or for those like me who just need a kick start to get out of a rut. I am reaching my goals to becoming an accomplished pro guitarist very quickly.

Tyler Schmitt * Apprenticeship Program / Guitar student 









"I am really happy about how much I've learned, and how quickly I've improved with my guitar lessons.  Bob Wolfman has really motivated me and I know I will continue to enjoy playing for the rest of my entire life.!"  










                                                                                                         Sarah Dik,  Boxford, MA



If you want to go to some "factory" and take half hour lessons with someone who doesn't really care if you improve, there's plenty of places around. If you want to learn to play guitar, become a musician, or if you already are a musician and want to hone your craft then call Bob Wolfman."

— Tom Lauziere, Lynnfield, MA

   *Apprenticeship Program / Guitar Student   

Bruce Bolnick - Classical Guitar student with Bob Wolfman

Marsha Danzig    Wenham,MA



             ***Notice - Half of Gregg's pinky is missing!----------->

I lost 1/2 my pinky finger on my left hand and thought playing the guitar would be extremely difficult. BOY WAS I WRONG!! After private lessons with Bob I realized that playing helped me improve and progress the mobility and feeling of my finger. I am 49 and always wanted to play the guitar well. I'd taken lessons a while ago but it just didn't feel right, wasn't enjoying it, got discouraged because I learned nothing. After only 3 months with Bob Wolfman I am capable of playing the guitar well because I am being taught properly. I'm excited and highly encouraged cause it wont take years to accomplish my goals as a guitar player. I highly recommend anyone who wants to really learn to play the guitar properly to take lessons with Bob, as I truly believe he could teach a monkey to play the guitar. WOLFMAN ROCKS!! THANKS FOR TEACHING ME HOW TO PLAY THE GUITAR!

Gregory Stone    Peabody, MA


"I've been studying with Bob for about a year now and have learned a ton. He pushes me to be the best player I can be. I've had many guitar teachers over the last 30 years but none of the skills ever stuck with me. Bob's teaching method and level of engagement is well beyond anything I've experienced before. He's got a great sense of humor and really cares about his students, adults or children. Most of all he wants us to ENJOY playing, not just to learn skills. I recommend that you contact Bob regardless of your playing style, experience or skill level. He will help you become a better musician, not just a good guitarist."

---- Josh Nathan    Natick, MA

 * Apprenticeship Program / Guitar student via SKYPE studying SLIDE Guitar 


"I've had failed guitar lessons when I was younger, and I've been trying to teach myself guitar my whole life.......started looking online and found Bob Wolfman. I was progressing with Ukulele lessons so quickly that I switched to Voice lessons and after a year I switched to guitar Guitar."

Robert Marsilio     Long Island, New York


* Apprenticeship Program/Ukulele, Voice and Guitar student via SKYPE


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