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"Bob Wolfman – Simply one of the best guitarists in the U.S. today!"


Bob Wolfman holding a guitar in his studio

When studying with Bob Wolfman you can expect Professionalism, Experience and Dedication you’re not likely to find elsewhere.

Bob creates a custom-tailored lesson plan based on your needs, goals, and the style of music you want to learn. Bob never uses a “rubber stamp/cookie cutter” approach and emphasizes learning all the fundamentals:

Basic Techniques: how to hold the guitar, proper hand positioning, picking techniques, fretting notes, and strumming patterns serve as the foundation for your playing.

Music Theory: You'll learn scales, chords, chord progressions, how they relate to different genres and styles of music. Understanding theory helps you grasp the underlying principles of music and enhances your ability to learn and create music on your own.

Learning Songs/Building Repertoire: learning/playing popular songs you enjoy. Learn to read standard music notation/sheet music. If you prefer, you can learn guitar tabs. Bob prefers standard musical notation though for many reasons.

Improvisation and Soloing: When studying lead guitar/improvising your lessons include exercises and guidance on; learning scales/modes, harmonic analysis, techniques for creating melodies, developing and polishing musical phrasing, also developing monster “chops” and speed.

Music Styles: focus on any preferred style; Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Classical, Country, Fingerstyle, Metal, Folk, and more. If you have a particular genre in mind, Bob will help you explore its characteristic techniques, rhythms, and stylistic elements

Practice Routines: Effective and consistent practice is crucial for progress. Bob will provide guidance on structuring your practice sessions, setting goals, and developing a routine that will improve your skills efficiently.

Performance Opportunities: Bob offers guitar clinics where you can play with other students under his supervision in a “Live” band situation. This vastly increases your confidence as well as showcases your progress. Participating is always a rewarding and motivating experience.

Communication: Bob feels communication with his students is of the utmost importance. Fully understanding your goals and any difficulties you encounter is the most effective means of ensuring your lessons are tailored to suit you. Communicating your goals and preferences will ensure your enjoyment, satisfaction, and ultimately your overall success.

What The Pros Say...

Sonny Landreth


Grammy Award Nominee / Electric Slide Guitarist Eric Clapton, Eric Johnson, Vince Gil, John Hiatt, Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits)

"When you hear Bob Wolfman, it’s easy to appreciate the connection to his mentor, the late great Larry Coyell. But Bob is his own man with his own story to tell. A highly respected instructor and a great performer, he has inspired decades of dedicated students and audiences alike with taste, tone and bad ass chops."

Robben Ford


Five Time Grammy Award Nominee Electric Guitarist performed with Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, and George Harrison

“I jammed with Wolfman this summer and was really impressed with his playing!"

Steve Khan


Guitarist recorded/performed with Steely Dan, Brecker Brothers, Billy Joel, Qunicy Jones, Barbara Streisand, Ray Charles, Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, David Sanborn, Billy Cobham, and so many more!!

“If one is serious about a life in music then there is no substitute for personalized private instruction.  Wolfman's School of Music offers this and so much more.  I urge you to look into this environment for learning that Bob has so carefully created.”

Arlen Roth


Guitarist for Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan and countless other top artists. Voted top columnist by Guitar Player Magazine 10 years in a row, Man behind the movie, “Crossroads”.

“Having watched Bob develop into a fine guitarist since the days we grew up on the same street together, I can only be assured that his school and his students will be extremely successful.

Larry Coryell


Founding Father & Pioneer of Jazz/Rock Fusion performed with Miles Davis, Chico Hamilton, Gary Burton, John McLaughlin, and Paco de Lucia

“Bob Wolfman is a terrific guitarist, but more than that, he is a dynamic musician and an energetic, dedicated educator.”

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