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"This is the very first course of study for guitar that actually worked for me. I am inspired! I've been taking lessons since I was a teenager, I've had about a dozen teachers and I've tried so many methods. Finally know what I'm doing and I can really enjoy playing competently now! My understanding of music, my playing techniques, overall skill to improvise, jam and play various styles with a diverse repertoire is so much broader, Thanks for everything Wolfman! I owe you so much thanks, and I love the way I play now!"


                                                  JOSH NATHAN ~ NEEDHAM, MA


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Your Challenge

Maybe you picked up a guitar when you were a teenager, or maybe it’s something you’ve always wanted to do. Either way, you feel like you could play, or play better, if you could find the right approach.



All Levels, All Styles

Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced players will build their musical muscle, with courses and instruction geared to your level. Wolfman teaches all styles, from Rock, Blues and Jazz, to Classical, Country, Folk and Metal. It’s not just for guitar, either: you can study bass, ukulele, banjo, voice, composition, recording, or any area related to music. Wolfman is a celebrated record producer, too.

Welcome to the New Era of Instruction

In work, school and entertainment, it’s now commonplace to meet, collaborate and create with people any distance away. There is a wealth of resources online for learning music; I’m sure you’ve looked on YouTube and investigated apps for learning. But there is no substitute for a teacher who understands your goals, your strengths and weaknesses, and who can guide you to the next level.



Why Wolfman's?

  • Over three decades teaching music: guitar, bass, ukulele, voice, piano, even banjo. Also, music theory, songwriting, recording production and music industry basics.

  • Two degrees from the Berklee College of Music

  • A master recording artist and performing musician who can really play

  • Expert in Blues, Jazz, Rock, Funk, R&B, Gospel, Classical, Folk and Country styles

  • A teacher who has guided literally thousands of students to develop their skills and


  • A recording artist with several critically acclaimed, world-class albums

  • Author of his own teaching materials and curriculum in use at multiple music schools

  • Launched successful careers for many touring, performing and recording artists

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Music Writer
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"Since I started private lessons with Bob Wolfman, my understanding and enjoyment level for playing my guitar have gone through the roof.  I'm absolutely blown away at how much I've learned and how quickly I'm still progressing.  Perhaps it's not totally polite to say, but my friends and colleagues who've taken lessons for many years complain that they don't play as well as I do now (I started from scratch with Bob only 7 months ago)...so, of course now they all want Wolfman's phone number.”


                                                       JOE LACOMBE ~ N. READING, MA


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   The ESSENTIAL BASICS FOR GUITAR EBOOK                         

         Discover the most basic and vital fundamental tools,

         concepts, and correct approaches to actually start

         playing the guitar properly......which MOST guitarists

         never learn, even  after years of trying many other

















Understanding the terminology of music opens up infinite possibilities for you.....learn all the most important, frequently used terms and nomenclature that you need to grow into a complete, well rounded musician.

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"Guitar lessons with Bob was a different experience for me than with prior teachers.  Instead of spending a lesson watching an instructor figure out a new song that you want to play, you spend it actually learning the guitar, while using a few songs as guides.  After my lessons with him I know how to read music, know all the notes on the fretboard, understand the modes of the major scale, and I’m working on ear training to figure out songs on my own."


                                                          MATT P. ~ N. ANDOVER, MA

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After lessons with another guitar teacher for 3 years, I realized I still had lots more to learn.  So, started working with Bob Wolfman last July, and asked him for help with my fundamentals. I supplemented my lessons with Bob's “ESSENTIAL BASICS for GUITAR”, a 5 lesson E -Book and the “10 Week Guitar For Beginners” course. This was ideal for me; reading the text, watching the videos, and Bob’s awesome instruction helped me make a lot of progress .  My lessons are fun, very enjoyable and I now fully understand the fundamentals; playing technique, music theory and the “why” of what a guitarist needs to know and apply. I strongly recommend working with Bob on his beginner course to take your guitar playing to the next level, even if you have been playing for a while.  You think you know stuff……until you study with Wolfman!


                                               TOM MELLOW ~ PORTLAND, ME


                                What The Pros Say...


Founding Father & Pioneer of Jazz/Rock Fusion 

“Bob Wolfman is a terrific guitarist, but more than that, he is a dynamic musician and an energetic, dedicated educator.” 


I've been studying with Bob for almost 5 years now. I went in to these lessons in a slump, having plateaued in my guitar playing throughout college. Bob helped me identify the areas I was struggling in and we got to work addressing those. We worked our way through the blues until we identified my interest lied in jazz, and have been focusing on jazz theory, improvisation, comping ever since. Outside of the lessons themselves, Bob has encouraged me to play with other musicians and attend jams with professionals. While I still have a ways to go, I'm now able to keep up for the most part, which is something I couldn't honestly say I could do before my lessons. I have a newfound confidence in my guitar playing now, and this is helping me to explore new avenues and try new things in the world of music.

                                                  TYLER SCHMITT ~ WOBURN, MA

           ARLEN ROTH

Guitarist for Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan and countless other top artists. Voted top columnist by Guitar Player Magazine 10 years in a row, Man behind the movie, “Crossroads”.


“Having watched Bob develop into a fine guitarist since the days we grew up on the same street together, I can only be assured that his school and his students will be extremely successful.”










Grammy Award Nominee / Electric Slide Guitarist Eric Clapton, Eric Johnson, Vince Gil, John Hiatt, Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits)


"When you hear Bob Wolfman, it’s easy to appreciate the connection to his mentor, the late great Larry Coyell. But Bob is his own man with his own story to tell. A highly respected instructor and a great performer, he has inspired decades of dedicated students and audiences alike with taste, tone and bad ass chops."




Five Time Grammy Award Nominee Electric Guitarist


“I jammed with Wolfman this summer and was really impressed with his playing!"









Guitarist recorded/performed with Steely Dan, Brecker Brothers, Billy Joel, Qunicy Jones, Barbara Streisand, Ray Charles, Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, David Sanborn, Billy Cobham, and so many more!!

“If one is serious about a life in music then there is no substitute for personalized private instruction.  Wolfman's School of Music offers this and so much more.  I urge you to look into this environment for learning that Bob has so carefully created.”


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