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Your Challenge 

Perhaps, you feel like you could play, or play better, if you could find the right approach. 


All Levels, All Styles 

Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced players will build their musical muscle, with courses and instruction geared to your level. Wolfman teaches all styles, from Rock, Blues and Jazz, to Classical, Country, Folk and Metal. It’s not just for guitar, either: you can study bass, ukulele, voice, composition, recording, or any area related to music. Wolfman is a celebrated record producer, too. 

Welcome to the New Era of Instruction 

I’m sure you’ve looked on YouTube and investigated apps for learning. But there is no substitute for a teacher who understands your goals, your strengths and weaknesses, and who can guide you to the next level. 

Why Wolfman's? 
  • Over three decades teaching music: guitar, bass, ukulele, voice, piano, even banjo. Also, music theory, songwriting, recording production and music industry basics. 

  • Two degrees from the Berklee College of Music 

  • A master recording artist and performing musician who can really play 

  • Expert in Blues, Jazz, Rock, Funk, R&B, Gospel, Classical, Folk and Country styles 

  • A teacher who has guided literally thousands of students to develop their skills and musicianship 

  • A recording artist with several critically acclaimed, world-class albums 

  • Author of his own teaching materials and curriculum in use at multiple music schools 

  • Launched successful careers for many touring, performing and recording artists

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