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Complete Guide to Jazz/Blues Comping


This well-organized course vastly elevates your comping skills. Comping is a slang term for chordal accompaniment, a sorely neglected area for so many guitar players. Sexy guitar solos are wonderful, but comping is also sexy. Skilled guitarists comp well and gig regularly, because sexy soloists need good chordal support behind them, yes? There's an inherent relationship between chords and scales, thus your improved comping skills will improve your soloing too. My Students wanted to be shown exactly what chord forms to use as substitutions in songs. This course does exactly that! Most popular music is derived from the Blues/I-IV-V progression. Many guitar players learn a few chords for songs that don't require much technical knowledge or skills. When Hendrix and Clapton came on the scene it was off to the races, and guitar-playing fools wanted to play with blazing speed and technique, but what about the chords? Comping on its own can be gorgeous and an emotional release. Chords can create rich colors, textures, and emotions. Some chord forms are challenging but not impossible, they’re worth the time and effort. This course covers everybody from T-Bone Walker to George Benson. The focus of this course is a much more organic approach through watching, listening, and playing. You will greatly benefit from the concepts, techniques, and insight in this course. This lean and mean course provides the essential theory and tools that you need to take your comping to a whole new level



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