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10 Week Guitar Course for Beginners


BEGIN YOUR MUSICAL TRANSFORMATION!! DEVELOP from NOVICE to a REAL PLAYER in just 10 WEEKS! Do you believe you’re capable of becoming an accomplished guitarist, maybe even musician? There is a difference! Musicians apply knowledge and skills directly to their instrument and create real music spontaneously. You're serious about becoming a skilled guitarist/musician, so you want to learn from the best using the best resources. This course eliminates overwhelm, confusion, or intimidation about where to begin, what to practice, and how to advance efficiently. Learning guitar can be daunting. No person and no method can instantly turn you into a great guitarist. No matter how many YouTube videos you watch or “magical breakthrough” methods or apps you’ve tried, playing the guitar well is about commitment and dedication. Throughout my 30+ years of teaching music, I’ve met and taught hundreds of students who had previously tried many guitar learning methods - books, videos, apps, DVDs, and online programs - but not one of them had actually learned how to PLAY. You can pick up a few chord forms or a simple lick or two, but to play - REALLY PLAY the guitar, you have to commit to a period of dedicated study and practice. This is real work, and there are no shortcuts! HOWEVER, there is an efficient, engaging and productive way to TRANSFORM yourself from beginner to real player; This 10 week online course for guitar.



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